Dervay Wins Back Tega Cay City Council Seat

The Tega Cay SC City Council special election held Tuesday February 9th 2010 is almost official.  The unofficial count is:

John Dervay 432 (48% of votes)

Doug Collins 275 (31% of votes)

Write In Candidate Chris Larsen 193 (21% of votes)

(approx 17% of the registered voters)

( poll had similar elections results see poll)

The official results will be certified by Thursday morning 10am.

John Dervay is a veteran council member and was on the city council until he lost by 6 votes in last Novembers election. John will be filling George Sheppard’s council seat which became available when George won the Tega Cay Mayor’s seat last November.

Information on John Dervay from his campaign website:

For those who don’t know me, I moved to Tega Cay in 1990, from Richmond, VA, where I was a Division Vice President of a Multi-National Corporation.  After retirement, I agreed to come to work with the City as a part time Code Enforcement Officer in 1996.  Within six months my position became full time, and within the next few years, I became the Zoning Administrator, Secretary to the Planning Commission as well as the Secretary to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

In this capacity, I was involved with numerous City construction projects such as Turner Field, Tega Cay walking trails, our water tower, the 200-foot flag pole (the cell tower), and reconstruction of over 21 of our old roads.  I also administered the Development Agreement with Newland for the Lakeshore project.  These projects, as well as many others completed over the years, are a benefit to each and every one of our citizens.

I love living and serving in Tega Cay and being part of the positive changes.  We’ve grown exponentially in the past ten years, which has created some growing pains.  As most of us know, things that worked well in a small town don’t always work well as a city grows.  I believe we’ve done a lot of things right, and there’s still plenty of opportunity for improvement.  Our staff, volunteers, citizens and council are continually suggesting and implementing ideas, all with the intent to make our city better.  I believe my understanding of ‘before’ is helpful in creating and implementing solutions for the future.  Some new projects I would propose we undertake are:

  • Communications – I think we should create a Communications Committee to corral all the good ideas that have come from our citizens regarding communications and start implementing them.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – Our budget (which I voted against) is not a proactive budget in a recession.  We’re waiting for bad things to happen and then reacting.  I think we have to have a more conservative budget and build a bigger contingency fund.  I think the new Council should have a budget workshop ASAP and formulate a conservative, proactive general fund budget.
  • Tax Increases – No.  Outside money is the key.  We need to create a list of wants for our city and be ready to negotiate these with developers.  Additionally, we need to set up a Grant Committee to help City Staff research opportunities and ensure applications are submitted.
  • Annexation – We have an Annexation Policy that gives us information to make an intelligent decision. This includes input from all committees, council and residents.  We need a balance of residential and commercial property taxes and commercial income in order to cover the cost of basic services in the city, but the consideration must be made intelligently and in a controlled manner.I